Hiring Versus Buying Your Next Fish and Chip Van

Hiring Versus Buying Your Next Fish and Chip Van

Thinking about hiring or buying your first fish and chip van or trailer, or alternatively is it time for an upgrade?

Well you’ve come to the right place, as this is what we do best! We are specialists in mobile catering builds, focussing primarily on the mobile fish and chip van market. Although based in Peterborough, we do offer a nationwide service around the UK.

With our extensive knowledge in the industry, we can design and build your vehicle for you, but also if you’re new to this industry give you advice and training to make efficiencies or improve your business model with ideas you may not have yet thought of.

So lets look at the differences in hiring versus buying your next fish and chip van…

Hiring a fish and chip van
Many start-outs are often looking to hire a fish and chip van instead of buying. Not only are there not many vans about for hire; they won’t be fitted to the specs, which you may need them.

So if this is the case, look for a food trailer that can cook fish and chips, with standard equipment included such as a griddle, water boiler and chip fryer. This is something you may have to pay extra for and agree to a minimum rental period for them to install, but a great option if you’re starting out.

Looking for a second hand chip van
Perhaps instead of buying new you would rather look for a used fish and chip van and modernise. This is always a fantastic option, but the challenge is finding those vans on the market and snatching them up in plenty of time.

Keep an eye on our advertisements page for great offers on second hand vans.

Buying a new fish and chip van
Of course buying a new fish and chip van is always an option if you have the budget to jump straight in. You’ll need to get all the right equipment built in and customised to get it in working order, which is where our team here at Pro Fry Ltd come in.

We’ll advise, design and build your van to be tailored to your bespoke needs. Not only that but it means you can get new equipment in such as your Regal Frying Ranges, without needing to worry about high maintenance costs that a second hand vehicle can come with.

Finance deals on buying your next fish and chip van
Even better, we offer a range of finance deals when customising your next fish and chip van, rather than having the budget to build straight off. Once an agreed finance deal is in place, we can get started on your build straight away, to get your business off the ground as soon as possible!

To find out more about our finance deals, give our team a call and we can chat you through the different options for you: 01778 342 915.

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