04 Apr 2019

Spring into Mobile Fish & Chips

Spring into Mobile Fish & Chips

Spring 2019 is fast approaching, with warmer weather just around the corner and more people venturing out for street food. This time of year is a fantastic time to be setting up and establishing your Mobile Fish & Chip Unit. If you are looking at a brand-new build, it will give you enough time to have your order placed and be on the road to be reaping the benefits of the festival and event season, along with having a village round for your consistency throughout the year.

Spring/Summer time is an excellent time of year for the Mobile Fish & Chip trade. Along with being a traditional British dish which people love to enjoy throughout the year, you have the accessibility to take this dish to a desired location to serve customers for special occasions. Fish & Chips is an extremely popular dish at weddings, birthdays and other events, if you have the best equipment on site to provide your product at these events, rather than have it travel and not be as good quality if it was freshly served.

You may already have a shop and want to expand your business to help with serving these types of special occasions. If you have a Fish & Chip Unit which you can take onsite, it is great advertising for your business, as you are showcasing first-hand how good your Fish & Chips really are. The downside with having an order placed at your shop and travelled to a special event, is these items (Fish & Chips etc.) will sweat in the packaging and may lead to disappointed customers, as the food won’t be to the same quality as they would get from your shop.

You may be looking to do events and festivals throughout the Spring/Summer time, which is a great way to advertise your business. You have access to people throughout the country/world, who would normally not get to see your business on its normal route. With social media being as popular as it is these days, it is always good to use these types of events to market your business and bring in more trade, which you may not have got from your normal village route.

Keeping it simple is key throughout the Spring/Summer time. You may be tempted to add lots of new things because of the warmer weather, but with a Mobile Fish & Chip Unit, you only have room for so much and you may disappoint your customers if you run out or don’t stock your regular food to make way for a new creation. Consistency is key, people like what they know, your food is your USP so make sure to maintain what your customers like and you will have great success in the Mobile Fish & Chip business.

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Spring into Mobile Fish & Chips
Spring into Mobile Fish & Chips
05 Feb 2019

The Frying Range Maintenance Tips

The Frying Range Maintenance Tips

For those of you using a Regal Mobile Frying Range, will already have been advised upon purchase of the maintenance required in order to keep up a consistent product, along with making your frying range last you as long as possible.

For those thinking of purchasing a Regal Frying Range, here are a few tips to keep your new purchase in tip top condition for as long as possible!


In order to keep your frying range safe and looking beautiful, a daily cleaning routine is essential. Fat builds up, not just on your frying range, but all over your Mobile Catering Vehicle. Having a daily cleaning routine after you have finished your village round or an event will minimise the fat build up, avoiding issues with your frying range and reducing safety issues.


We have discussed many times before the importance of Filtering your pans. We offer the Pro Fry Ltd Filtering Machine, to filter your pans, we recommend doing this at the end of every day of frying. This reduces carbon build up in the pans along with reducing your costs in fat for your pans! The carbon can not only cause issues with your food but also your pans, a simple pan filter each evening will allow your pans to last as long as possible.

The Frying Range Maintenance Tips


A Regal Frying Range, along with any type of frying range, will require regular servicing. The frying range is similar to a car, in the sense that if you don’t keep it maintained, then eventually things can start to go wrong. A service can check certain areas on your frying range to ensure you are frying at a consistent temperature, parts on your frying range are up to date and change parts which may need changing, just like filters or break pads would need doing on your car.

If you have a Regal Frying Range and have any questions about what we have discussed in this blog, then please give us a call on 01778 342915.

Please be advised, we cannot advise on other Frying Range brands.

16 Nov 2018

Driving You to Success

Driving You to Success

Mobile Fish and Chips and Street Food is taking the world by storm. We have had customers from all over the globe wanting a Mobile Fish and Chip Van due to all the benefits and high income that go along with it. With such a great variety of food to cook on board and the ease of changing location, why wouldn’t you look into expanding your business in such a cost-effective way.

Having a van or a trailer gives you greater access and favourability to getting events where you can make £1000s each time due to the consumers desire to have a fresh product cooked to order. Customers would much rather freshly cooked food, rather than pre-packed food which will have time to sweat in the box and ruin the end product. Having a great fresh product will please your customers and result in repeat bookings and more food orders. Along with producing a fresher product closer to your customers end location, you will have much higher profit margins as a result of low running costs and no high prices fixed site fees and rates. This allows you to generate a high income and be greatly rewarded for a few hours of work, doesn’t that sound like everyone’s dream.

Driving You to Success

Another bonus to a Mobile Fish & Chip Van is that it allows you great flexibility in a number of different areas. If you were only looking to work a few days per week, you could, as an example, set up a weekly village round with a few stops to generate a desired income, allowing you spare time for events or other commitments. The same if it was events and festivals, you could choose to do as few or as many as you wish to reach a set income. This is the beauty with the mobile trade, you are in full control of the food you supply, the hours you work, the locations you trade and type of catering you wish to accommodate.

If you already own a Fish and Chip shop, a Mobile Fish and Chip van is a great way to expand your growing business. Expanding with another fixed location, means high fees and rates, lowering your profit margin. Whereas having a Mobile Fish and Chip van allows you another avenue to maximize on income earning you a great deal more thanks to the low running costs and high profit margins. This can be done by sharing your workload and equipment from your shop with your Fish and Chip Van, as an example; if you are chipping for the shops, you are also completing your chips for your van, if you filter your pans in the shop, you can use the same filter machine for your van to help save time, money and productivity. The Fish and Chip Van will also help with reaching out to a wider customer base and a personalized form of advertising all from an affordable mobile unit. Mobile catering is an amazing form is expansion along with a great place to get started in the catering industry.

At Pro Fry Ltd, not only do we manufacture Mobile Fish and Chip Vans, we also help with setting desired income goals and how to achieve this, training to be able to produce top quality Fish and Chips with the best products on the market and superb customer aftercare to ensure everything is going as planned and to assist if your plans change and you wish to expand your business.

If all this sounds like something you would be interested with, then give us a call today on 01778 342915 and we would be happy to help.

16 Oct 2018

How To Become An Award Winning Company

How To Become An Award Winning Company

We were very proud to see one of our van builds win the Best Newcomer for the 2018/2019 Dine in Awards. Hugh Innes, who is the owner of Tony’s Chipshop, Shawhead, decided to branch out into the mobile catering world and we are proud to say we were the builders of this beautiful van. Without a doubt Hugh is extremely hard working, along with always producing a top-quality product. We have seen both from a competitor and an adjudicators side on what is taken on board to give you those top marks to becoming an award-winning Fish and Chip van.

The first obvious thing is your product. You need to make sure your product is always consistent. This means regularly filtering your pans to ensure the colour is the same throughout the week, along with their being no carbon and debris build up, which results in a tainted product. Making sure your fish is a consistent size for the portion advertised, same goes for chips. Ensuring you rumble/peel your chips well each time to remove any unwanted bits of potato.

Appearance is very important. This covers the basics of Food Hygiene, making sure hair is tied back and covered, nails are clean with no nail varnish chipping off and general cleanliness is maintained. Uniforms to be worn correctly, they should be clean with name badges showing and hats and hair/beard nets where applicable. Not only is physical appearance important but also mannerisms, ensuring your customers are greeted in a warm friendly manner and greeting promptly on arrival to show acknowledgement.

Items in your establishment will make you stand out from your competitors. Being up to date with current forms of payment is a must, so having a card machine for customers to pay with will help you with those important points to becoming award winners. You also will need to display your food hygiene rating, this will need to be in an eye-catching place, so it will be noticed by the mystery shopper.

How To Become An Award Winning Company

When entering any competition, make sure you get as much information as you can, so you can update your Fish and Chip van or shop to be in with a good chance of winning. This will also give you enough time to implement any training with your team and any new equipment you may need in time for being judged.

Lastly, if you are unsure what you are being marked for, then get in contact with the organiser to see if they can give you more information to help bring your establishment up to standard. With a mystery shop, you will not know who they are, when they will be there or what they will order, so make sure to treat every customer like a mystery shopper to ensure you get top marks and land yourself a place in the TOP 10!

Good Luck to everyone who has entered.

24 Sep 2018

Street Food in Autumn/Winter

Street Food in Autumn/Winter

This summer has been great for mobile caterers, the beautiful warm days for events and festivals to the long summer evenings helping prolong business hours to maximise on profit. The end of summer bank holiday has been and gone, kids are back to school and now we have the cooler weather of Autumn to look forward to, we will explain how the winter months can be great for street food.

Over the summer months, mobile caterers have great success at festivals, weddings and other summer events. Now the BBQ season is coming to an end, customers are looking for easy, delicious meal options which are quick and affordable. The beauty of mobile catering is you can bring these meals directly to the customers door and save them from travelling miles to their nearest town just to get a take away. Fish and Chips is one of the nations favourite dishes, by bringing this beloved dish to surrounding villages and towns makes it very convenient for your customers to enjoy your version of Fish and Chips.

Street trading is a highly effective way of reaching out to a wider base of customers at a low cost. You may think being on the road would cost you more than having a shop, but when you look at things like rates, electric and other bills you may come across when running a Fish and Chip shop, then you will be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective running a mobile catering vehicle is. Not only this but if you choose to run a mobile catering vehicle alongside a shop, you are able to use your van as a source of advertising, along with reaching those customers who may not be able to reach a static shop location.

Street Food in Autumn/Winter

When running a Fish and Chip van, it is very important to keep your customers informed of your location, so they know when they can get Fish and Chips from you. Social media will be your best friend, by completing regular posts on which ever social media platforms your business decides to use, keeps your customers up to date of your location each day of the week. If you keep your customers informed, they will remain loyal and pleased you care so they can plan to visit your establishment. Having a built-in tracker on your van is a great tool to keep your customers up to date on where you are, without you having to constantly post updates yourself!

The last things to remember over the Autumn/Winter season is to enjoy yourself. This time of year is great fun, with so many exciting times to look forward to, like Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year it is an exciting time to be celebrating with your customers enjoying the one and only Fish and Chips!